BMW M Enthusiast and resident reviewer Barry Wilson drove the BMW 740i M Sport saloon to let us know his verdict on the latest version of the luxury class 7 series.

When I saw the all new 740i for the first time, the thing that hit me was the new look front end, with its new BMW Laser headlights, more aggressive bumper coupled together with the new and enlarged kidney grills, there is a clear difference between the older and this new LCI model.


This Model was Imperial Blue Xirallic in colour and along with the contrasting chrome detailing and revised alloy wheels this Luxury Saloon has a real sense of presence.

Driving away from Sandal I pointed the 740i in the direction of Huddersfield City Centre. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that for such a large saloon car it handled the traffic with ease and had good all-around visibility. The amount of time spent stationary in the lunchtime Hustle and bustle was barely noticeable due to the obscene amount of comfort. You definitely expect a level of comfort and luxury with the 7 series but this was totally class leading comfort.

After leaving the motorway I took the 740i and headed towards some quieter A and B roads in order to test out it's handling and braking. To my surprise I found that for such a big luxury saloon car the body roll was minimal and the steering very pointy and precise. The braking system gave good feedback and felt confident when pushing on and braking into corners.


This model has the absolute latest technology from BMW with the easy to navigate dash configuration laid out with ease. The cabin is the epitome of luxury and comfort with the seats offering all kinds of support settings to ensure the driver fits like a glove regardless of their own shape or size. This model also had the latest in safety and parking technology ensuring a safer more assured ride.

The 740i felt really good out on the road with its light, responsive steering, great brakes, power delivery was very smooth but punchy were you needed it. Its adaptive suspension coped well soaking up the lumps & bumps of the smaller roads and the whisper quiet cabin really was something else.


The verdict was that this new 7 series has got to be up there with the best if not THE best in its class.


For me, if you are in the market for a large luxury saloon you need look no further than the BMW 740i as it ticks so many boxes and delivers Class, Luxury, Power and Comfort in abundance.


The BMW 740i is for sale at Sandal BMW in Huddersfield.